When Mike opened Professional Diagnostics, one of his key desires was to run a Quality focused business. He wanted to ensure that when his customers came in, the problem that they wanted fixed was actually addressed.

There are far too many people WORKING on cars when the customers want them toFIX their car. After all, it is called an AUTO REPAIR SHOP for a reason, right? So here is our process to make sure your needs are addressed.

Plain and simple- that is how we do it. We do it that way because it creates the largest number of satisfied customers, which keeps Mike’s blood pressure as low as possible!

Why We Do It Better

STEP 1:  We will CHECK YOU IN and get your name, address, phone number and e-mail address. We will get a detailed description of your complaint. We don’t send spam- the purpose is to send estimate copy, a request to review us and our not so frequent newsletter. The estimate outlines any anticipated diagnostic charges at that time.

STEP 2:  We will TEST DRIVE your car to verify your complaint. We will then perform whatever testing is necessary to determine the cause of that complaint. We will do a courtesy check to locate any other common problems you may need to know about.

STEP 3:  We will contact you with an ITEMIZED ESTIMATE. We can e-mail it to you so that you can see it and we can answer any questions you have. We will explain this estimate and the process that we used for diagnose if you like. We will explain which repairs are maintenance items and which repairs are high priority repairs. We will tell you how long the repairs will take and why.

STEP 4:  We obtain your APPROVAL to make the repairs you want made.

STEP 5: We FIX the car.

STEP 6:  The technician that works on the car will CHECK THEIR WORK. Then a technician that DID NOT work on the car (usually Mike) will check their work. Your car will be test driven again by the QA technician to verify that your complaint was resolved. A visual inspection will be performed to make sure all work requested was completed.

STEP 7:  You will be called and informed that your CAR IS READY! When you arrive, you will receive an itemized invoice detailing the work performed, and documenting your warranty. (24 months 24000 mile warranty!).

STEP 8:  You will receive an e-mail asking you to REVIEW OUR PERFORMANCE. This goes to Mike’s personal e-mail. He personally reads every single review and responds to it. You may also receive a follow up phone call in special situations. Please review us on google +, yelp, BBB, Angie’s List, or any other place you like. We are here to create long term satisfied customers, and we want to show that to the world.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We do it all. From Acura to VW, from oil changes to engine changes! We are proud to be able to offer a very wide variety of services. With our Master Technician on staff, you can be confident that the service your car needs is being performed correctly!

This is probably the most common car repair related initial question we have. This is also one of the more complex questions to answer. There are two basic types of diagnostics:

  1. Computer Supported Diagnostics: This is where some sort of warning indicator is lit that indicates that there is a problem with one of the computer controlled systems on the vehicle.
  2. Non-computerized diagnostics: Covers everything from a leak check, to finding the cause of a rattle, to troubleshooting electrical circuits that do not have computers that communicate (not all on-board computers will “talk” to a scan tool).

The initial computer SCAN (very simple process) for ENGINE computer diagnostics is FREE. We scan, report the codes and advise you whether or not any additional testing is needed. ENGINE computer diagnostics and advanced testing is $89.95 for domestic and Asian cars and 104.95 for European. For a more detailed explanation of the diagnostic process see my blog HERE.

Non-computerized diagnostics range from “Free With Repair” for brake checks, suspension checks, oil leak checks to time-based charges. Most mechanical checks are “Free With Repair”. If you opt not to have us fix the car, we charge $30. Most “simple circuit” electrical diagnostic charges ranges from 49$ and up depending on the length of time needed to diagnose the problem. BUYER BEWARE NOTE: If a shop that has your car is quoting you several hours of diagnostic time, ASK FOR AN EXPLANATION IN WRITING! 99% of automotive electrical problems can be found in the first 2 hours of electrical diagnostic time.

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