At Professional Auto we strive to offer more to our employees. Just like we strive to change the industry for the better for our clients, we strive to change the employment experience for the better for our technicians.

We offer a clean, safe, and comfortable working environment, with above market compensation and excellent benefits. We work Monday through Friday because we know that we are professionals, and we deserve to have our family time and personal time on the weekends just like all other professionals.

We also mandate yearly vacations and respect them. Quite simply, we know you can’t be good for our clients unless we are good to you.

We focus on education, and working towards new certifications for all employees, and we lessen the impact of necessary tool purchases by providing each tech with a tool allowance. We do not require techs to buy scan tools, specialty tools, expensive toolboxes, gloves, cleaners, chemicals, supplies or uniforms.

We do not require technicians to become ad hoc business owners or contractors- you don’t wait to get paid and you do not assume the financial impact of parts failures. You be professional and accountable, just like our business.

We provide pay plans to fit employee needs.

Motivated go-getters who want to maximize earnings have the opportunity for overtime and commissions, and those who prefer a more stable pay structure have solid guarantees that mean you will not have to worry about not being able to pay your mortgage during seasonal business cycles.

Michael Leech