A note about “Process”

THIS will be a short blog entry. First, let me begin by expressing that we hope everyone had uneventful travel over the Thanksgiving holiday, and that everyone enjoyed the time they had in the way that makes them happiest!

So, process! Process is a misunderstood term, I believe. When it comes to owning a business, and trying to find ways to ensure customer satisfaction is very high, “Process” becomes almost a living , breathing thing. We have a clearly defined process at our shop, and we monitor that that process is being followed closely. We do this so that when there are (fortunately they are rare) problems, we can quickly isolate the problem. Also, if we find that employees followed the protocol, and a customer was still not satisfied, we can be alerted to changes in our market, and make rational decisions to change policy if as needed.

After 10 years in business we have a clearly defined corporate philosophy. That philosophy is wide ranging and encompasses everything from “have strong, competitive prices”, to “perform high quality work” and less obvious things like “give back to community” and “educate your consumer”. We’ve used that set of “codes” to create our Process that guides our employees from first customer contact to the follow-up after the repair is completed.
You might ask: “Why is this relevant to me”? The answer is simple- the commitment to this process ensures that we’ll deliver the same quality service at a fair price, in a friendly manner, each time you come in.
So today, let “Process” be your friend! Until next time, drive happy!

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