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Spring is Here

Ok, just a short blog post revisiting an old topic!

Warmer weather temperatures mean a couple of car related tasks are at hand.

  1. Make sure your tires are up to pressure. If you’ve been staying on top of your tire pressures on a weekly basis, as I recommend, you’ll find that the pressures become slightly elevated when the ambient temps rise. Over-inflated tires are just as much of a problem as under-inflated tires. Over inflated tires will wear incorrectly and have much less wet and dry traction than correctly inflated tires.
  2. A cooling system check is in order. All that is needed is a quick visual check to ensure that the fan is working and there are no leaks. Otherwise when you have the first really hot day, an inconvenient surprise could be waiting! Your cooling system doesn’t have to work nearly as hard in the winter time, and it’s internal operating pressure can be lower. The higher temperature loads (and higher operating pressure in the cooling system) can cause new leaks.
  3. Go ahead and take the time early to start up the A/C and make sure it operates normally. Do this on a warm day, and simply ensure that it cools the air well and doesn’t make any odd noises. NEVER attempt to charge or service an A/C system yourself. YOU CAN NOT do this correctly. Those cans of A/C quick charge are a total ripoff, don’t use them!

Drive Happy!!

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